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Master MLS 3500 MMA Welding Machines Kemppi

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A powerful MMA welding machine for all electrode types. Excellent arc features and durable design.

In Brief
Plenty of welding power in a small package.
A compact unit, suitable for spaceconstrained welding sites.
Sturdy structure will last even in demanding conditions.
Plenty of useful functions for MMA and TIG welding.


Installation and set-up
Repair and maintenance
Shipyards and offshore industry
Chemical and process industry

Durability and progressive features

The Master MLS product line units are power sources equipped with versatile functions for both MMA and DC TIG welding. In addition to generous welding power, they offer plenty of progressive features in order to improve the weld quality and efficiency.

Master MLS control panels

Master MLS units have two control panel options: a MEL panel containing the basic functions needed for MMA welding and a MEX panel with a more diverse selection of functions.
With the MEX control panel you can store your welding settings into memory and retrieve them conveniently for use when needed. 

Fine adjustments and durability for extreme conditions

Master MLS device control has been implemented using advanced Kemppi MLS technology (multi logic system), which enables the welder to easily adjust the properties precisely for each particular welding task.

Their design makes them highly suitable for outdoor use and extreme conditions. Due to their small size, they allow access to confined welding sites as well. Master MLS units can also be used with generators.


Master MLS 3500 
• Specific design for MMA welding
• Compact and portable
• Control panel choice for varied applications
• Designed for all electrode types
• MMA and TIG welding function
• Suitable for use with power generators
• Installation and set-up
• Repair and maintenance
• Shipyards and offshore industry
• Chemical and process industry
Key features
Master MLS machines offer the best choice in MMA welding refinement. Combine
either the 250 or 350 amp power source with the basic MEL or advanced MEX
control panels for outstanding welding performance. High 40% duty cycle
ensures you have the work capacity to get the job done; whilst the compact and
lightweight specification makes work around site easy.
Technical specifications
Connection voltage 400 V (-15…+20 %)
Rated power at max. current 15 kVA
Connection cable 4G2.5 (5 m)
Fuse, delayed 16 A
Output 40 °C 350 A/34 V (400 A/26 V TIG)
Welding range 10 A/20.5 V…350 A/34 V
Open circuit voltage 80 V
Power factor at 100% ED 0.95
Efficiency at 100% ED 86 %
Stick electrode 1.5…6.0 mm
External dimensions 500 x 180 x 390 mm
Weight 21 kg











Control panel options MEL and MEX include all of the necessary parameter
functions for high quality MMA welding. MEL panel includes process selection
for MMA or basic TIG welding, large, clear meter display, hot start and arc force
control, plus remote control function. MEX panel offers a more diverse selection
of parameter controls including: Electronic electrode type selector, arc gouging,
or broken arc welding technique and memory channel function. High quality
TouchArc function provides a credible DC TIG welding facility.

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